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Hong Kong Singapore Family office Next Generation

Family office investors: Are you leading yesterday's business?

Digitization and access to information led to Li & Fung’s decline, making room for innovators like Alibaba, which makes use of automation, algorithms and networks to create value. Is your family office next to face disruption?

Family office investors, startups, and how to make an impact.

How to beat the three generations of wealth myth. What every family office investor needs to know about Hong Kong and Singapore’s cultural and economic history of wealth creation, and the effects of globalisation that’s impacting your family office.

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I help limited partners and VC investors build innovation ecosystems to create real world insights and community, for access to the top entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Digital marketing with Data science predictive analytics

Fund Management

Fund manager and advisor for limited partners, family offices, and VC investors. Using data science to help you source deals, diversify, or manage your portfolio.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing advisor for fund managers to help you increase deal flow using data science, predictive analytics, and social media 

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